Ex­am­ple4 Bluesy swing ideas

cd track 38

Guitar Techniques - - LEARN­ING ZONE -

4 There xxxxxxxxxx are some su­per-cool and easy to bor­row ideas in this ex­am­ple. The D7b9# open­ing arpeg­gio is bar 2 against 5 is eas­ily trans­fer­able to any V-I res­o­lu­tion and the fi­nal bluesy swing lick in bars 7 and 8, high­light­ing both

Bb) mi­nor 3rd ( and ma­jor 6th (E), im­ply­ing both mi­nor and ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic ideas, is to­tally ap­pli­ca­ble against ma­jor I chord sce­nar­ios. Just pur­loin­ing a few of th­ese ideas will up the ante on your jazz and in­deed blues solo­ing.

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