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Guitar Techniques - - LEARN­ING ZONE -

[Bar 16] Chords with bass notes other than the root (slash chords) are fan­tas­tic writ­ing de­vices and this E/G# is one such ex­am­ple – see how it pro­vides a smooth bridge from the pre­ced­ing G ma­jor and into the fol­low­ing A mi­nor as the bass only has to move a semi­tone each time. 2 Acous­tic

[Bar 21] Barre chords were a com­mon fea­ture of Cohen’s acous­tic play­ing so make sure you can fret the F with suf­fi­cient pres­sure to make all strings sound.

[Bar 25] Here’s an­other ex­am­ple of that smooth bass line move­ment be­tween chords as we travel from A mi­nor to A mi­nor 7, then G, D7/F# and fi­nally F.

[Bar 29] This is an­other ex­am­ple of bass move­ment that song­writ­ers like to use – the E bass note doesn’t be­long to the D mi­nor chord but al­lows us to make a smooth tran­si­tion to the F ma­jor. Although th­ese are rel­a­tively sim­ple ex­am­ples to play, mak­ing sure they are per­formed per­fectly is your goal.

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