Ex­am­ple2a as­cend­ing & de­scend­ing 5ths & 6ths

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Guitar Techniques - - LEARN­ING ZONE -

Ex­am­ples 2a and 2b are very sim­i­lar to Ex 1a and 1b; Cmaj7 chord, C Ly­dian legato scale as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing, ma­jor 7 arpeg­gio as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing, 5th in­ter­vals then fi­nally (Ex 2b) 6th in­ter­vals. The only dif­fer­ence is you’re on a lower sec­tion of the fret­board, deal­ing with po­si­tion 4 (root on the fifth string). The sug­gested fin­ger­ings in the no­ta­tion are all log­i­cal but if you get the same ac­cu­racy and clar­ity with other vari­a­tions, feel free to do so.

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