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Crank up your amp as our neo-clas­si­cal rock track pro­vides a chance to burn.

Rhythm Sec­tion [Bars 1-10] The track starts with the oblig­a­tory gal­lop­ing rhythm. Select the bridge pickup and use a light palm mute to add tight­ness and ac­cen­tu­ate the rhythm. To save space on the page we have used re­peat marks with a first and sec­ond time end­ing.

Verse 1 [Bars 11-18] The open­ing melody uses string bend­ing to go be­tween the parts of the scale that fea­ture notes a semi tone apart. In bar 15 quickly switch to the neck pickup which is more flat­ter­ing when play­ing the fast al­ter­nate pick­ing lines. All the notes are al­ter­nate picked so you may need to build up to this slowly.

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