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[Bar 1] The open­ing two bars should be played stac­cato by returning the fin­ger and thumb quickly back onto the string af­ter pluck­ing. The main tune be­gins at bar 3; fol­low the in­di­cated pick­ing-hand fin­ger­ing. On beat 2 of bar 5 use a two-string barre on the de­scend­ing arpeg­gio then keep the sec­ond fin­ger (last Bb note of the bar) on the third string and al­low it to slide down to the in the next chord. Fol­low the fin­ger­ing care­fully at bar 9 and no­tice the use of an open E in the melody to help make a smooth shift from 11th to 1st po­si­tion. On the last note (A) of bar 15 the first fin­ger can keep in con­tact with the third string and slide up to the D note in the next bar. It can con­tinue to re­main on the string and slide back down to cre­ate a two-string barre that shifts on the fi­nal qua­ver.

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