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In our first ex­am­ple, we’ll take the ‘mas­ter ex­er­cise’ tem­plate that we’ve been us­ing over the course of the se­ries so far, and ap­ply it to the D Mixoly­dian mode in po­si­tion 1. Start­ing off with the as­so­ci­ated D7 chord for ref­er­ence, we’ll as­cend and de­scend the scale and dom­i­nant 7 arpeg­gio forms be­fore continuing on through the scale in 3rds. Break the ex­er­cise down by iso­lat­ing the scale, arpeg­gio and in­ter­val­lic pat­tern and re­peat each slowly un­til mem­o­rised, be­fore as­sem­bling the whole ex­er­cise. Once you are able to play through D MIXOLY­DIAN the ex­am­ple 3rds cleanly, and 4ths with - good Po­si­tion tim­ing 1 and ac­cu­racy, turn on the

Ex 1a metronome and find a com­fort­able speed. With longer ex­am­ples like this, you may ex­pe­ri­ence a build-up of ten­sion or fa­tigue, in which case stop and shake out the hands and arms un­til any feel­ing of dis­com­fort has sub­sided. Use strict al­ter­nate pick­ing through­out, start­ing on a down­stroke. The whole ex­er­cise is writ­ten as eighth-notes, so try tap­ping your foot and ac­cent­ing the down­strokes at the start of each beat. As the speed in­creases grad­u­ally over the weeks, you may wish to rein­ter­pret the ex­er­cise as 16th-notes with the click, down­stroke ac­cent and foot re­in­forc­ing the beat ev­ery four notes.

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