Guitar Techniques - - PLAY FOLK-ROCK -

We start out with a fun-to-play romp in the style of Jethro Tull.

Cho­rus 1 [Bars 1-11] Tull’s Martin Barre is a fine player, so the open­ing lead line com­bines fast pick­ing with ham­mer-ons and pull-offs. Aim for a driv­ing and ac­cu­rate feel and watch out for those 3/4 bars.

Verse [Bars 12 to 21] This riff is best played with down strums. Again keep the rhyth­mic as­pect tight and watch out for those 3/4 bars. Take the D.S al coda back to the start for a re­peat of the cho­rus.

Cho­rus 2 [Bars 22 -end] This sec­tion is a re­peat of cho­rus 1. At the coda sign skip from bar 29 to the coda sign in bar 30. The track ends with a D mi­nor chord slide off. Again, pre­ci­sion is your watch­word here.

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