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EV­ERY MONTH IN our Sixty Sec­onds With... Q&A we ask the ques­tion, ‘Do you have a pre-show warm-up rou­tine?’ The re­sponses vary from the rel­a­tively dis­mis­sive, ‘No, I just get on stage and play’, to pretty de­tailed de­scrip­tions cov­er­ing how they re­lax, stretch, ex­er­cise, get the mind in the right place, have a beer, a chat with the band, the scales played and vo­cals prac­tised.

So this month we asked Ja­cob ‘Quist’ Quist­gaard, who’s ex­tremely busy gig­ging all over the world with Roxy Mu­sic front man Bryan Ferry, to pro­vide us with as com­plete a warm-up rou­tine as pos­si­ble. The kind of thing that would set the fin­gers up for even the tough­est show.

Ja­cob runs through four mu­si­cal styles - rock, blues, jazz and clas­si­cal - and pro­vides some great ex­er­cises to try, mov­ing fret by fret through all the keys of the oc­tave. We’ve never seen any­thing quite so tar­geted and all-en­com­pass­ing, so hope you’ll find it of real value.

Ob­vi­ously we know that in the real world you’re un­likely to have the time (or the space, or the quiet, or the pri­vacy, given the dire na­ture of most back­stage ar­eas), to go through the en­tire process ev­ery night, but Ja­cob has made it easy to pick out and iso­late whichever ex­er­cises would be most fruit­ful in your spe­cific sit­u­a­tion.

Given the breadth of styles cov­ered and the depth in which Ja­cob has gone into these ex­er­cises, the fea­ture could just as eas­ily be seen as an ‘ul­ti­mate work­out’, ‘chops builder’, ‘wood­shed’ and so on. So by all means treat it as such if you pre­fer. Live, I’ve strug­gled on oc­ca­sion with the hor­rors of screw­ing up that ‘big mo­ment’. It can re­ally get to you, es­pe­cially on a run of gigs when the whole band looks at you each night, al­most ex­pect­ing the car crash that’s about to hap­pen - and which is more likely to, now it’s what your whole brain in locked onto. So to get the dig­its fully flexed and com­fort­able on ev­ery fret on the guitar, is a great way to lessen the chances of that light at the end of the tun­nel ac­tu­ally be­ing the on­com­ing train!

I’d love to hear if, hav­ing tried any of the ex­er­cises, you felt bet­ter primed for a show, a record­ing or even just a jam. See you soon, hope­fully honed to the hilt!

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