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The key thing to re­mem­ber here is that the slide must be placed di­rectly above the fret to avoid sound­ing flat, and not be­hind where you would nor­mally place your fin­ger. The next is­sue is damp­ing. Damp (mute) be­hind the slide by lay­ing your first fin­ger par­al­lel to the slide on the strings, this con­trols un­wanted har­mon­ics. Damp in front of the slide by us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of palm mut­ing and “fin­ger guard­ing” (as Sonny Lan­dreth de­scribes it). This is achieved by rest­ing your un­used pick­ing hand fin­gers di­rectly onto the strings above the string you are play­ing to pre­vent them from sound­ing as you move the slide.

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