EXAMPLE3 Elec­tric 12-string riff

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Jimmy used a Fen­der Elec­tric XII and a Vox Phantom XII on the early Zep Ex al­bums. 3 Elec­tric There 12-string was no elec­tric riff 12-string on the stu­dio ver­sion N.C. of Stair­way To Heaven; the Gib­son EDS-1275 was used for live per­for­mances only. You can also use guitar mod­el­ling soft­ware to achieve a sim­i­lar re­sult if you don’t own a 12-string elec­tric, or just play a reg­u­lar six-string along with the full mix for a re­ally fat sound­ing riff.

Don’t be put off by the re-tun­ing re­quired for a coupl e of the ex­am­ples; open tun­ings ar e a gr eat way to shak e off those well worn pat erns

Jimmy play­ing the Gib­son dou­ble-neck that came out for Stair­way To Heaven

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