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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | FRETBOARD FLUENCY -

Ex­am­ple 4 Here’s how we can con­struct an arpeg­gio cov­er­ing all of the ex­ten­sions by tak­ing our ‘home’ G ma­jor 7th arpeg­gio, and adding the triad built from the next con­sec­u­tive scale de­gree – A mi­nor. The notes of our A mi­nor triad are: A-C-E (R-3-5) which gives us the 9th(A), 11th (C), and 13th(E) de­grees when viewed from G. As men­tioned, this arpeg­gio may sound a lit­tle dis­so­nant due to the in­clu­sion of the 4th. Our next ex­am­ple will look at how we can cre­ate ex­tended sounds which avoid this in­ter­val, and tar­get ex­ten­sions such as the 9th, which sound more mu­si­cal over this chord type.

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