Guitar Techniques - - BRAD PAISLEY LEARNING ZONE -

[Bar 1] There are end­less pick-up phrases in coun­try mu­sic - you can go right back to Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash and Hank Wil­liams to hear the early ver­sions - so it’s im­por­tant to be able to start a song with a short phrase like this. Just en­sure your tim­ing is good and re­mem­ber to come in on beat four. A good tip is to get the pick­ing hand mov­ing in time be­fore you start.

[Bar 2] Sim­ple coun­try strum­ming here with the ‘bass note fol­lowed by chord’ ap­proach; again look out for that pick-up phrase that ap­pears again at the end of this bar and con­tin­ues with vari­a­tions through­out.

[Bar 5] A sub­tle vari­a­tion on the C ma­jor chord here as we are play­ing a C add9 in its place; this just adds a touch of colour over the stan­dard ma­jor shape.

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