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The Smiths gui­tarist Johnny Marr took in­ter­est­ing chord types and pro­gres­sions and recorded them in large, in­tri­cate ar­range­ments. Like all good ac­com­pa­nists, Johnny was sym­pa­thetic to the song and was al­ways a ser­vant to the melody and emo­tion. Johnny of­ten used many tracks of gui­tars lay­ered up to cre­ate a wall of jan­gle.

[Bars 1-6] These ma­jor 9 voic­ings are all the same shape. Fin­ger the first one (E ma­jor 9). Hold this shape and slide it 3 frets up to make G ma­jor 9 and then two frets more to make A ma­jor 9. A semi qua­ver-strum­ming riff to take us into Verse 1. Fin­ger the C ma­jor and then slide that shape up two frets to D add 11. [Bars 7-14 ] This is the verse pick­ing part. It is a lit­tle tricky due to the wide in­ter­vals and string skip­ping. Find a pick­ing pat­tern that suites you and prac­tice slowly. Bar 7 can by played on a 5th fret, first fin­ger bare.

[Bars 15-23] Marr is no stranger to funky strum­ming and here we have a 16th strum­ming part com­bined with funky chord types!

[Bars 24 to end] Again we have used a few roadmap sym­bols to save on space with the no­ta­tion.

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