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Exam ple 1 In bar 3, de­scend­ing 5ths are taken down through A Mixoly­dian within one scale shape and neck area (ver­ti­cal mo­tion).

Exam ple 2 In bar 11, as­cend­ing 5ths are taken up through the scale by mov­ing along the length of the neck (lat­eral mo­tion)

Exam ple 3 This ex­am­ple demon­strates a va­ri­ety of ap­proaches: stacked 5ths are em­ployed within bar 17, whereas bar 19 fea­tures six-note mo­tifs (each com­pris­ing two as­cend­ing 5ths and one de­scend­ing 5ths linked via slides) taken lat­er­ally up through the scale. Fi­nally, in bar 20, we see a suc­ces­sion of as­cend­ing 5ths em­ploy­ing pull-offs: fin­ish­ing off with some 5ths that fea­ture slides and lat­eral mo­tion on the top two strings.

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