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Pete Town­shend mixed an ag­gres­sive rhythm gui­tar at­tack with an ex­plo­sive per­for­mance style. Our jam track fea­tures a few of Town­shend’s clas­sic tricks in­clud­ing pow­er­chords, slash chords and fast semi­qua­ver strum­ming.

[Bars 1-10] The open po­si­tion A5 chord has a ring­ing qual­ity and the open strings also add some nice sus­tain. The use of syn­co­pa­tion (play­ing on the off­beat) is a sig­na­ture as­pect of Town­shend’s riff work so take care with this. [Bars 11-22] The verse sec­tion uses full barre chords to fill out the sound. Barre chords are a com­mon fea­ture in Town­shend’s rhythm gui­tar style. [Bars 23-28 ] Shift­ing the same chord fin­ger­ing around over a static bass note is a sim­ple way to in­tro­duce in­ter­est­ing har­mony and is a typ­i­cal Pete trait.

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