Rock se­quence lick

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This FIERy lick is typ­i­cal of Zakk Wylde and other mod­ern rock­ers. In the as­cend­ing sec­tion (bars 1-2) see how the pat­terns on the first and sec­ond strings are sym­met­ri­cal. This is as a re­sult of play­ing the note F# in­stead of the ex­pected Pen­ta­tonic G note. This sym­me­try makes it a lot eas­ier to play – try it with G in­stead and you will see what I mean. Af­ter the high bend and fol­low­ing sus­tained vi­brato note in bar 3, comes the de­scend­ing sec­tion. Still a se­quence-based idea it has been dis­guised with the ad­di­tion

Bb. of the Blues scale de­rived note of This line is a tricky and is prob­a­bly best if com­mit­ted to mem­ory be­fore at­tempt­ing to play it up to tempo. Why not try some sim­i­lar ideas of your own, in dif­fer­ent keys and with the as­cend­ing sec­tion played on all re­main­ing string pairs apart from the third and sec­ond as they have a ma­jor 3rd and not a 4th in­ter­val be­tween them.

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