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Al­though I used my own ‘Red Spe­cial’ into a BM tre­ble booster and Vox AC15, a 1955 six­pence and two tape style de­lay ped­als for our pieces, you can get pretty close with reg­u­lar gear. The tone of a six­pence used as a pick makes a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence to the sound of the at­tack, and ob­tain­ing one is rel­a­tively cheap and easy (go on, try it). If you have a Stra­to­caster style gui­tar se­lect the bridge and mid­dle pick­ups and roll a bit of tone off. If you have a Gib­son style setup the bridge hum­bucker will do nicely. Set up a fully sat­u­rated over­drive sound on your amp and then use the gui­tar’s vol­ume con­trol to clean up the sound to taste. I also used an old Eko 12-string but any acous­tic will do.

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