Guitar Techniques - - LESSON CREATIVE ROCK -

Exam ple 4 In the sec­ond half of this ex­am­ple, we see coun­try-style dou­blestop 6th shapes in which each note is played sep­a­rately. The notes are sub­di­vided into a se­ries of three-note mo­tifs, each com­pris­ing a ‘low-note + high-note + low-note’ con­fig­u­ra­tion. Th­ese three-note mo­tifs are taken up along the length of the gui­tar neck (lat­eral mo­tion) em­ploy­ing po­si­tional-shift slides on the lower string (in this case, the third). Al­though the tran­scrip­tion shows the lat­ter sec­tion played us­ing hy­brid pick­ing, you can just use the pick.

Exam ple 5 Bar 19 of this ex­am­ple fea­tures a rhyth­mi­cally dis­placed ver­sion of the as­cend­ing three-note mo­tif em­ployed in the pre­vi­ous ex­am­ple. In ex­am­ple 4, the high­est note of each three-note fig­ure (the sec­ond note) was placed on the down­beat, whereas here it’s the first note (low note) of the same three­note mo­tif that is placed on the down-beat.

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