Guitar Techniques - - LESSON CREATIVE ROCK -

Exam ple 8 So far, the po­si­tional-shift slides have been on the lower string of each coun­try-style dou­ble-top 6th shape. Here, in this de­scend­ing se­ries of 6ths in bars 41 and 42, the slides are on the up­per string (in this case, the first).

In Bar 51, we have a suc­ces­sion of stacked 6ths played us­ing

3 0 5 0 7 0 9 0 open-voiced shapes rem­i­nis­cent of Texan rock gui­tarist Eric John­son. Most gui­tarists would prob­a­bly use hy­brid pick­ing for this sec­tion, but I pre­fer to use the pick and this is how I played it on the au­dio ex­am­ple. This line fin­ishes off in bar 52 with two long slides, each of which is a 6th in­ter­val wide.

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