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Con­tinue to fol­low the fin­ger­ing care­fully and watch out for the last note (F#) of bar 30 – this needs to be played on the first string so it can con­nect quickly to the A#dim7 chord. At bars 35-37 we have an­other set of cam­panella (over ring­ing) notes where all con­sec­u­tive notes are played on dif­fer­ent strings so fol­low the fin­ger­ing for both hands to achieve the full ef­fect. At bar 38 we are in E Ma­jor. Half bar­res will be needed in bars 38, 39 and 40. In bar 41 we have the stretchy G chord again – if you don’t like it you can al­ways take the bass note G an oc­tave higher on the fourth string (as in bar 24).

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