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Lydian String Skipping Phrasing Licks


This month’s lick contains a set of four one-bar string skipping arpeggio ideas that can either be played in a row or used separately as four different ideas. In fact, to get the most out of this, it’s a good idea to take the sequence illustrate­d in each bar and then apply them to every bar in turn. Mix and match them to suit afterwards. The arpeggios used are C maj7 (C-E-G-B), Em7 (E-G-B-D), G maj7 (G-B-D-F#) and C maj7 – up an octave. These are all played against a typical Lydian (IV chord of G Major) Cmaj7#11 chord. Viewed in terms of C the arpeggios imply C maj7 (C-E-G-B), C maj9 (E-G#-B-D) and Cmaj7#11 (G-B-D-F#). Essentiall­y all we are doing here is using the diatonic 7th arpeggios built on the root, 3rd and 5th of the underlying chord. The licks get more complicate­d as they progress. The first three 16th-note patterns are not too bad but the fourth bar with the sextuplet phrasing might take a little longer to master. I use hybrid picking for these lines, but you could also use fingerstyl­e or alternate picking. As always, experiment, and use whichever technique or combinatio­n of techniques suits you best.

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