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Hinds on Jon Herington and their online masterclas­s events



I introduced myself to Jon many years ago. I told him I was a fan so we emailed then when he would come to LA with Steely Dan or whoever we’d meet up. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 I started what was then called the ‘sanity masterclas­s’, just to have a guitar community hang. Around that time I had just finished my latest album and

wanted to get some opinions so I sent some tracks to Jon. We talked more and got along well. I thought more about the online masterclas­ses and decided there is strength in numbers. So I told him I had an idea; we were to send out project backing tracks a few minutes long and have a limited class of students which send their playing on the tracks back to us. Then we critique them in a Zoom class. We limit the numbers to 20 students per class so it’s not too crowded and we’ve been doing it once a month, over 15 classes done now. Aside from both of us there is always a special guest. In the past we’ve had Dean Brown, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Travis Carlton and more are planned. It’s such a great project for any guitarist and a thrill when they get a chance to be heard by some pretty great players. We offer useful critiques right across the spectrum; some guitarists need harmonic help, some have timing problems, some are wanting to construct a profession­al sounding solo. It’s all good and very progressiv­e for everyone. More info at

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