Guitar Techniques


Picking Technique = Tone Production


THE POSITION, angle and strength of your pick attack make a dramatic difference when it comes to the sound you produce. Some players will spend countless hours working on scales, arpeggios and licks, but practicall­y no time experiment­ing with different picking approaches. But don’t overlook the importance of work in this area, as this is where a huge amount of your musical personalit­y originates from, and contribute­s massively to that attribute we all obsess about, producing a great tone. T-Bone’s default picking location is closer to the bridge, whereas Christian favoured the warmer tone generated by picking closer to the neck. Pick angle makes a big difference too, as does the thickness and material of the pick. Why not take any of the phrases in this lesson and search for as many tones and dynamic possibilit­ies you can find, not by changing the controls on the amp or guitar, all just by altering your picking technique.

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