Guitar Techniques



EX 3 This focuses on Faye’s use of single-string melodic soloing, using slides and slurs to mimic the sound of a vocalist. You will notice that the fretting hand is doing most of the work here, with only a few notes being picked.

EX 4 Flutter chords are a key part of the neo-soul sound and Faye uses these to great effect. These two ideas are based around two Em7 voicings. Use your fourth finger for the higher frets and hold the chord shape down so the lower fretted notes sustain into each other where possible.

EX 5 This final example is a Minor II-V-I progressio­n, utilising extensions.

Faye often uses Major, Minor and Dominant 9ths which add an extra depth of colour. The open position Emadd9 chord is a great example of this.

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