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Provogue Records 8/10

While Knowles is known for blues and Americana, What Happens Next sees him lean towards R&B and soul, ranging from The Small Faces through to The Black Keys via Otis Redding and The White Stripes. It’s a rich brew that’s vocal led, as opposed to busting with guitar solos. That said, Knowles’ breadth of tones is quite something here; gnarly fuzz distortion through to classic clean. Opening stomper is Light Of The Moon - psychedeli­c ambience meets Queens Of The Stone Age riffing - that is a great ear worm. Roll Me has a tasty 60s meets Mark Ronson blend with great vocals and a reverb rich guitar. Get Lucky weaves elements of The Zombies with Bruno Mars groove. The sultry stomp of One And The Same has great guitar too. River is bluesy, emotive and nicely arranged, and there’s lovely acoustic fingerpick­ing on contemplat­ive closer, If I Ever Meet My Maker. This is a fresh embrace of old and new genres, well worth checking out! (JS)

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