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Mercury Studios 8/10

“This one’s for Peter…” Clapton announces as he launches into an acoustic version of Peter Green’s Black Magic Woman on this 17-track lockdown album, recorded at Cowdray House, West Sussex last year after EC’s Albert Hall concerts were cancelled. Here he’s back doing what he does best in the company of Steve Gadd (drums), Chris Stainton (keys) and Nathan East (bass and vocals). In essence the album could be seen as a sort of Unplugged II as most of the tracks are acoustic, save for three where Eric switches back to electric. Many of the songs will be familiar to fans – Bell Bottom Blues, Key To The Highway, Tears In Heaven and Layla to name a few – but here they’re given a new lease on life as intimate, laid-back acoustic outings. As such, River Of Tears assumes a new poignancy, while the more blues-orientated tracks like Got My Mojo Working and Long Distance Call find Eric getting his groove on. Available in just about every format you can name, there’s accompanyi­ng video footage of the performanc­es on Blu-Ray and DVD and while it may be nothing new, the musical excellence that glows in every track makes it a worthwhile listening and viewing experience. The title came about because Eric’s wife Melia was the album’s only spectator, apart from the film and sound crew. [DM]

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