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Rhino 7/10

Lindsey Buckingham added a dark, enigmatic edge to Fleetwood Mac that was an essential part of their later success. Here, however, the starkness of Buckingham’s musical vision is presented raw - and it’s quite a strong flavour. Opener Scream juxtaposes campfire chords with a lyrical strand straight out of the Id: “I love you when you scream,” he intones, cheerfully, to unsettling effect. Balmier, lighter breezes waft through I Don’t Mind, while Swan Song shows why Buckingham should be regarded as one of the truly great melodic rock guitarists, with its fusillade of precise, propulsive soloing. Overall, there’s an obsessive, jeweller’s precision to the songcraft that is beautiful but, at times, a little inhuman too. It adds up to a glittering Fabergé egg of an album that we suspect only repeat listens will fully unlock. [JD]

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