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Frontiers 8/10

Known for great rock songs and impressive guitar, initially from Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson and now Brad alongside Keir Kelli, Night Ranger still deliver on both fronts. Their 12th studio album, ATBPO (And The Band Played On) features 11 energised songs that evoke the 80s as much as what is happening today in rock. The wah solo on Coming For You is vibrant (fast picking/unison bends) and the palm muted chug of Bring It All Home To Me opens to a huge chorus and a slippy solo. Fans of harmony guitar will love Breakout; it’s uptempo with shiny keyboards and snarling solos from Brad and Keir. So Hard To Make It Easy has a huge chorus (great guitar too) and the acoustic interjecti­ons of Can’t Afford A Hero stylistica­lly posture between Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. For pounding boogie rock, Monkey is an album highlight, certainly for the scorching solos. For a rocking good time, this is great stuff! (JS)

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