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Shred Tapped Arpeggio Phrase


THIS MONTH’S LICK is a combinatio­n of two different tapping or legato approaches. The musical influences I drew from were the equally brilliant Nuno Bettencour­t and Greg Howe. The first idea runs from bars 1-3 and opens with a Nuno-styled phrase that outlines an A Major add9 arpeggio (A-C#-E-B). GT This 329 involves regular tapping and ONE legato MINUTE as LICK well as - Phil a couple Hilborne of ‘fretting-hand only’ taps (bar 2). Nuno’s solo in Extreme’s Get The Funk Out contains Shred a similar Tapped lick. The Arpeggio second idea Phrase runs from bar 3 to the end. This is a descending Greg Howe arpeggio line that sticks to the notes of an A Major triad (A-C#-E) and involves tapping performed with both hands. Greg’s instrument­al track, Kick It All Over features similar ideas. The main points to take care of are: lessening handling noise – either by picking and/or fretting-hand muting, using a fret-wrap or a combinatio­n of both. Timing is another considerat­ion: it is really easy to accidental­ly play unevenly or to rush - especially at slower tempos where this aspect can become very obvious indeed. Lastly, watch out for the rapid position shift that occurs on beat 4 of bar 3. Program yourself to ‘look ahead’ so as to play this cleanly.

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