Guitar Techniques



Depending on how you approach it, the harmonics of the introducti­on can either prove simple or unnecessar­ily busy for the fretting hand. To reduce the amount of time the hand needs to travel up and down the fretboard between notes simply use the fourth finger to touch the 12th fret harmonic and use the first finger for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th-fret harmonics. Picking close to the bridge will create a strong harmonic tone.

In the triplets of bar 24 hinge the first finger against the C# in order to flow into the chord at the start of bar 25 where the first finger is on the 9th fret, fifth string. Don’t hold the tip of the first finger on the high C# but rest the back of the finger against the string as though holding a barre ( the rest of the finger hovers above the strings). The fingertip then drops onto the fifth string note in the next bar.

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