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Guitarist - - Contents - Words: Jamie Dick­son Pho­tog­ra­phy: Joby Ses­sions

Sooner or later most gui­tarists want to make a record­ing on gui­tar. it might be a sim­ple solo acous­tic track or a sprawl­ing prog al­bum. But the goal re­mains the same: to cap­ture the soul of a gui­tar performance in­tact – and sound­ing sen­sa­tional. yes, tech­nol­ogy can set us free but it can also mire gui­tarists down in cre­ativ­ity-sap­ping quan­dries about tech­ni­cal pro­ce­dure and angst about whether our record­ing gear is good enough to get pro re­sults. But talk to some of the best engi­neers and pro­duc­ers work­ing to­day and they’ll tell you that the fun­da­men­tals of mak­ing great gui­tar record­ings are not nearly so de­pen­dent on gear as you might think. a qual­ity performance, shrewd use of mics and great ba­sic sonic in­gre­di­ents will get you half­way to a pro-grade ses­sion be­fore you can say “Tele­funken u47”. if you’re new to the record­ing game, start by down­load­ing our free

home stu­dio hand­book on page 47 to get to grips with the fun­da­men­tals of record­ing to­day. Then come back to digest the sea­soned stu­dio wis­dom of the top pros who’ve con­trib­uted their hard-won knowl­edge on the finer points of track­ing gui­tar to the fol­low­ing 17-page fea­ture...

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