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some gui­tars au­to­mat­i­cally trans­port you back to a time and place. You can’t pick up an Olympic White Fender Stra­to­caster and not imag­ine Jimi Hen­drix at Wood­stock. A Gretsch Coun­try Gentle­man? Ge­orge Har­ri­son in 1964 at the height of Beatle­ma­nia. A yel­lowed Alpine White Gib­son Les Paul Cus­tom? Steve Jones, a knot­ted hanky, and the rest of the Sex Pis­tols in 1977. The list goes on...

For those of us who were ac­tu­ally alive at the time, a twin-hum­bucker, dou­ble­lock­ing rock/metal/shred ma­chine plonks us right back in the mid-to-late 80s. This was the era when gui­tarists were ‘gun­slingers’ with a loaded six-string on their backs. They played for keeps ap­par­ently with a 22-inch waist, a bi­cy­cle pump thrust con­spic­u­ously down the in­side leg, with hair like Tina Turner’s Mad Max Be­yond Thun­der­dome fright wig.

The new Jack­son Pro Se­ries Dinky DK2 taps right into what dex­ter­ous wid­dlers of the 80s con­sid­ered to be the ul­ti­mate sixstring spec­i­fi­ca­tion: a ‘su­per-Strat’ for­mat with two di­rect-mount Sey­mour Dun­cans, a float­ing Floyd Rose vi­brato, big frets on a flat ’board, and a pointy head­stock on a neck you could slide un­der an air­tight door.

On the face of it, the dou­ble-cut, whammy-spec’d bolt-on Dinky DK2 and the sin­gle-cut, set-neck, hard­tail Monarkh SCX that joins it in this re­view, ap­pear to have lit­tle in com­mon. Not so. Aside from a snake-hipped neck pro­file both gui­tars are the re­sult of Jack­son mov­ing away from tra­di­tional metal/shred body tim­bers.

Get­ting to grips with the Mex­ico-born Dinky DK2 first, the Strat-like body, al­beit with sharper edges, is cut from ash which is coated in a Char­coal Gray fin­ish. Jack­son has al­lowed the fin­ish to sink into the wood grain mean­ing you can feel ev­ery bump and crevice in the wood. Tac­tile you might say. Bot­tom line: it looks fan­tas­tic. The body is con­toured for rib cages and beer bel­lies on the back, and ’round the front to ac­com­mo­date your fore­arm.

The qual­ity con­trol in this thing is higher than Jon Bon Jovi’s wail. For ex­am­ple, the vi­brato re­cess has a foam pad at the bot­tom to pre­vent noise when you pull up on the dou­ble-lock­ing Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 vi­brato. The pickup cav­i­ties are routed beau­ti­fully, play­ing host to a pair of di­rect mount Sey­mour Dun­can hum­buck­ers.

Let’s be hon­est. No one at Jack­son lost any sleep over the choice of pick­ups here. In­stalling a TB-4 JB Trem­bucker in the bridge po­si­tion and a SH-1N ’59 at the neck has be­come a rock gui­tar cliché. The good news is, this setup still of­fers the best combo of power, clar­ity and tone in our opin­ion so we’ll greet it as an old friend.

with its Char­coal Gray fin­ish the build qual­ity on the Dinky Dk2 is higher than Jon bon Jovi’s wail

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