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Not re­ally a gui­tar I’d play in anger, but what a beast! What? Fen­der Cus­tom Shop Jour­ney­man Relic 1958 Jazzmas­ter Where seen? Coda Mu­sic, Steve­nage Price? £3,149 De­scrip­tion? Though not the flashiest of the Jazzes and Jags in stock at Coda, it’s the one that ap­pealed most, with its light Relic see-through blonde‘ Jour­ney man’ fin­ish and gold an­odised guard.The ash grain looks great through the thin ni­tro and the pick­ups are hand-wound Cus­tom Shop jobs. Cus­tom Shop prices aren’t go­ing down so if you’re on the look­out for some­thing a lit­tle left of cen­tre, do check this out.

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