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I would like to re­spond to Neville Marten’s col­umn in is­sue 434, in which he asks: which gui­tar would be your‘one and only’?

Well, I have a ques­tion for Nev. A lit­tle while ago, I re­mem­ber with some envy that he pur­chased a Gib­son R9 and re­placed the pick­ups with Bare Knuckle Mules. This I could see was his pride and joy. Then all went quiet, and there was men­tion of Fiesta Red Strats and Gold­top Les Pauls. I would love to know what hap­pened to his R9 – and has the gui­tar moved on? I my­self had a Les Paul which I put Mules into and al­though I was happy with the change to Bare Knuckle, the gui­tar is now owned and played by my band­mate.

My one and only for the last cou­ple of years (and I have even stopped look­ing else­where) is a Gib­son Les Paul 2015 Gold­top Deluxe with mini hum­buck­ers. I play it ex­actly how it came and I haven’t even ad­justed the string height, as it is spot on. Nigel Hen­ner­ley, via email Nev will freely ad­mit he’s an in­cor­ri­gi­ble buyer and seller of guitars and has sold many fine in­stru­ments on an im­pulse that he later re­gret­ted. In the case of the R9, it was sim­ply that he gelled bet­ter with the P90-equipped Gold­top and a brief, later dal­liance with a Les Paul Cus­tom only con­firmed that pref­er­ence. Of course Nev had sold the Gold­top by then and so he ended up hav­ing to get an­other – oh what a tan­gled web we weave. He kept those cus­tom made Bare Knuck­les though!

Nev’s love af­fair with the R9 just wasn’t built to last

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