Wampler EQua­tor

Named af­ter the mid-point of the planet, this EQ could be the high-point of your ped­al­board!

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The thought of adding an equaliser pedal to your board might not get the pulse rac­ing like, say, a Ger­ma­nium fuzz pedal or the lat­est multi-faceted de­lay, but a well-sorted EQ can work won­ders on your tone and give you plenty of op­tions whether you want to en­hance the sound of your pick­ups, al­ter the tonal range of your amp/ speaker set up or add an ex­tra voice to a favourite drive pedal. The EQua­tor gives you ac­tive four­band EQ with Bass and Tre­ble boosts/cuts at a fixed fre­quency and two semi-para­met­ric mid bands, all pass­ing through a vol­ume knob al­low­ing you to de­liver the EQ louder or softer.

Wampler has voiced this pedal with just the right fre­quency ad­just­ments for gui­tar – im­me­di­ately ap­par­ent with the Bass knob that of­fers 19dB of cut or boost at 130Hz, a fre­quency that typ­i­fies the low end thump of a 4x12 cab. If your amp has smaller speak­ers and you want some of the flavour of a big­ger cabi­net you can dial in a boost but, by con­trast, if you want to tighten up your cabi­net’s re­sponse a cut will get you there.

The Tre­ble knob is sim­i­larly prac­ti­cal. Op­er­at­ing at 7kHz, it’s at the up­per limit of what you’d be get­ting out of a speaker cab and is there to en­hance that glassi­ness or chime or re­duce it for a mel­lower top end.

The two semi-para­met­ric mid bands have loads of power for ef­fec­tive tonal shap­ing over a wide fre­quency range and com­ple­ment each other well. One has a nar­rower band­width (Q), and the po­ten­tial for more dra­matic amounts of cut/boosts, than the other, which of­fers broader and shal­lower con­tours. With easy midrange tweaks you can em­u­late a cocked wah, scoop out fre­quen­cies for a Fen­der Black­face vibe or de­liver a Tube­screamer’s sig­na­ture hump (eas­ily found by the 723Hz marker on the pedal). With a low set­ting of the vol­ume knob, some mids taken out and the other knobs set to taste, you can even kick the pedal in to clean up a driven amp.


Util­i­tar­ian it may be, but there aren’t many more ver­sa­tile ped­als if you have the ’board space. Pros: Well-cho­sen pa­ram­e­ters for the EQ bands, vol­ume knob to set ap­pro­pri­ate out­put lev­els Cons: No de­tents or mark­ings on the pedal sur­face to help line up the knobs for zero cut/boost

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