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FRFR: Stands for Full Range Flat Re­sponse and typ­i­cally re­lates to high-fidelity pow­ered speak­ers that are de­signed to am­plify the sounds from a modelling multi-ef­fects unit with­out colour­ing or al­ter­ing their tone. The multi-ef­fects unit does the tone; the FRFR speaker does the 'loud'. im­pulse Re­sponse: This term refers to a sys­tem's out­put when pre­sented with a very short in­put sig­nal called an im­pulse. In ev­ery­day gui­tarist's lan­guage Im­pulse Re­sponse (of­ten ab­bre­vi­ated to IR) is a way to map the acous­tic prop­er­ties of a speaker cab­i­net, for ex­am­ple, al­low­ing it to be ac­cu­rately em­u­lated in dig­i­tal de­vices such as Line 6's He­lix.

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