Jim Beard/Jon Herington Chunks And Chairknobs Jazzline


Getting down with the Dan men Jim Beard (piano) and Jon Herington (guitar) have been musical allies for longer than either of them would care to remember, both as session men and guests on each other’s solo projects. More recently they have shared the stage in Steely Dan’s touring band and so some sort of collaborat­ion on a duo project seemed fated. Players who have pulled this instrument­al mix off in the past include Bill Evans/Jim Hall

(Undercurre­nt and Intermodul­ation) and Joe Pass/Jimmy Rowles (Checkmate). Messrs Beard and Herington can add their names to the list of successful blending, too, as this album is a delight, each player giving the other space throughout the album. Herington shines on tastefully sparse guitar and both musicians pay tribute to their current gig with an excellent duet on Gaucho. [DM] Standout track: Gaucho For fans of: Steely Dan, Jim Hall

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