What You Need To Know


1 What’s special about the pickups?

These are brand-new designs specially conceived for the 2021 Streamline­r models. They’re called FideliSoni­c 90s and are loosely based on the P-90 ‘staple’ neck pickup of the original Gibson Les Paul Custom.

2 But aren’t these just cheaper versions of the Electromat­ics?

Yes, they’re the entry-point into the world of Gretsch, but they also aim to broaden the appeal of these classic designs beyond the be-quiffed rockabilly rebels. For the money they’re well conceived and built, too.

3 Do all these Streamline­rs have centre blocks?

The new pickups are only available on these centre-blocked models (also without Bigsbys). Streamline­rs without centre blocks include the full-depth G2420T Hollow Body with Bigsby and the G2420 Hollow Body with Chromatic II tailpiece – both with Broad’Tron humbuckers.

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