EQ2 Programmab­le Equalizer


This is a combinatio­n graphic and parametric equalizer with 10 fully adjustable frequency bands. Each band can be moved to any point on the frequency spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz and has up to +/-18dB of boost or cut available with adjustable bandwidth. There’s also some shelving and high-pass options, noise gate, limiter and tuner.

The pedal has four presets instantly at hand, scrolled through via a front-panel button, although all 128 of them can be recalled directly from the pedal. Besides a small Output knob, there’s just a rotary encoder knob with push and turn actions that works extremely well to quickly dial in an EQ curve on the fly. But with the Neuro app you can really get in and map out your EQ curve in detail. Whether you need to set your rig for a venue, have different EQ settings to suit particular guitars, or just kick it in as a frequency boost, it’s all here.

VERDICT Highly detailed sound sculpting makes this a consummate stage tool

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