Ultrawave Multiband Processor


Combining various sonic elements (overdrive and tremolo in particular) for a huge range of convention­al and completely hatstand tones, the Ultrawave splits the frequency spectrum into multiple bands, each with its own array of parameters. Preset configurat­ion is the same as the C4, and you can reassign the front-panel knob parameters on a per-preset basis.

Neuro’s nuts and bolts of sound creation starts with separate drive and output levels for each band and 44 distortion types. An LFO adds in a comprehens­ive array of tremolo features, dual-channel compressor, noise gate, eight-band graphic EQ, and the facility to morph between sounds and to send different drive effects to each of the outputs. It delivers some great fuzz tones and outrageous distortion­s, but also octave up, ring mod and synth-style sequencer/arpeggiato­r effects.

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