X3 Multistage Overdrive £285


On to the X3 and we have a pedal that combines hard and soft clipping in five gain stages with the same four-knob setup as the X2. One exception, though, is that the X2’s Highs and Lows knobs have been replaced by the more emotively named Bite and Body here, tweaking low/low-mid and high-mid frequencie­s. There’s extra help in the tonal shaping courtesy of the Pre Shape switch that engages a filter before the last gain stage, ushering in a reduction in mids and increase in the highs and lows. This helps match the pedal to any amp with a prominent midrange (you may wish to keep the mids for an already-scooped Fender).

Plugged in directly, a Buffer switch functions to retain brightness as you roll back guitar volume, stopping your tone getting muddy as it cleans up. If the X3 isn’t the first pedal in the chain, it offers an allround slightly brighter voicing. The gain range on tap is expansive, from ‘just breaking up’ through crunch to richly saturated driven amp sounds ideal for sustained leads and teased-out harmonics.


A full range of driven tones to suit many rig scenarios, responsive to touch and retaining note clarity even at full throttle

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