The Evolution of the Rickenback­er 4001 Model 4000 launched; single horseshoe pickup; dot inlays Larger body horns November19­61 Discontinu­ed


1957 1960 Changes from mahogany or walnut to maple neck-through-body July 1961 First ‘deluxe’ model 4001: dual pickups; triangular inlays; plain or chequerboa­rd top binding 1962 Cast aluminium tailpiece; thinner body (1¼”); longer bass horn January 1964 First Rose Morris model 1999 basses (UK export 4001-style) 1968 Hi-gain replaces horseshoe pickup; Ric-O-Sound stereo jack 1970 Shorter headstock 1972 Walnut neck-through-body centre strip 1973 Hi-gain replaces toaster pickup; plain binding; cast zinc tailpiece 1986

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