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Uh oh! Has someone had an accident with their headstock?

Nope – you might have noticed a resurgence in headless guitars over the past decade or so, and this is in no small part owing to German firm .strandberg’s dedication to the cause. Here, we see the newly redesigned NX Concept model, which has undergone an overhaul across the board, culminatin­g in all-new Boden NX Original (€2,399), Prog (€2,499), Fusion (€2,699), Metal (€2,199) and Classic (€2,199) iterations.

So, there are five new models?

Technicall­y, there are five ‘base’ designs in the Boden NX range, but the Boden NX Original and Metal designs are available in six-, seven- and eight-string versions, with Prog available as a six-string or seven-string, too. The extended-range guitars cost €100 extra per string.

What’s it all about, then?

The big news is that the whole Boden line has been given a visual facelift with not only brand-new finishes but a new applicatio­n method (that .strandberg isn’t detailing just yet) to give the guitars a sophistica­ted new look with popping colours. Add in the colour-matched foil logos and hand-scraped outline binding, and they’re immediatel­y looking like some extremely posh guitars.

New finishes, great. What else?

The next big developmen­t is the re-imagined heel design, requested by artists and customers of the brand. The Boden NX features a more rounded, softer curve, meaning access to the top-end of the ’board is greatly improved. As well as this, .strandberg has added an arm contour to the back of the body so that you can sit back, relax and keep the blood flow to your arm moving as you take flight!

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