BOSS 200 SERIES PEDALS £351 & £307

Boss has expanded its 200 Series pedals with the IR‑200 Amp and IR Cabinet simulator (£351) and SY‑200 Synthesise­r (£307). The IR‑200 pedalboard amp solution allows you to send a fully crafted tone direct into any PA system, recording setup, headphones or powered cab. Onboard, there are eight guitar amp models and three bass amps, dual EQs per patch, and ambience, plus 144 Boss and 10 Celestion speaker cab impulse responses. As well as hardware inputs/outputs, there’s an effects loop for integratin­g your other pedals, and a USB audio interface for direct, speaker‑emulated recording. The polyphonic SY‑200 gives you 12 analogue‑inspired synthesise­r models, 128 memories for saving your patches, three assignable controls for real‑time tweaking, an effects loop and MIDI I/O via 3.5mm jacks on the back of the unit. ORANGE SUPER CRUSH 100 £429 & £599

Orange’s Crush amps have made a sturdy name for themselves in the solid‑state market, and now the brand has added to the value of its affordable line with the Super Crush 100. Available as a 100‑watt head (£429) or 1x12 combo (£599), the Super Crush builds on the success of the Crush Pro and is designed to ape the sound of Orange’s revered Rockerverb. With a two‑channel JFET preamp voiced to give you vintage, powerful clean headroom and a four‑stage Orange assault on the dirty channel, plus the same 100‑watt Class A/B power section found in Orange’s Pedal Baby, the amp also includes a 24‑bit digital reverb, series effects loop and Orange’s CabSim, complete with a Cab Back switch to select open‑ or closed‑back cab emulations. Available now.

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