A trio of interestin­g string sets


Ernie Ball Burly Slinky £5.90

Eb If you like to detune to like Jimi but still want to have a nice, taut feel to your guitar’s playabilit­y, why not fit a heavyweigh­t set of strings – such as the Ernie Ball Burly Slinkys, which run from 0.011 to 0.052, with nickel-steel wound strings (E, A and D) and tin-plated plain steel strings from the 0.018-gauge G string upwards.

Rotosound R8 Roto Greens £4.95

Crave a light and loose feel for ultra slippery, lightning-fast runs or touch-sensitive bends? Look no further than this gossamer fine 0.008 to 0.038-gauge nickel wound strings from revered British maker Rotosound. Billy Gibbons and BB King are two famous users of very light gauges and there ain’t much wrong with their tone…

Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Strings 9.5-46 £9.99

We’ve been seriously impressed with the quality and feel of Curt Mangan’s US-made strings, which have been championed by the likes of Matt Schofield and other luminaries. This ‘half-gauge’ set is lovely and can be the ‘goldilocks’ just-right solution for Fender players who want a slightly looser feel without sacrificin­g tonal heft.

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