What You Need To Know


1 So, what exactly is new here?

It’s really a case of something old, something new. Gibson’s famously innovative president, Ted McCarty, had the idea of putting a side port on a J-45 during the early 60s, but the concept never reached the production line. Until now.

2 Does a side port really make a difference?

Yes, it does. A second soundhole facing the player means you hear a slightly different voice from the guitar when you’re in the driving seat. Does it make a difference to those listening at a distance? Hmm…

3 Walnut back and sides instead of rosewood or mahogany?

Why not? Walnut is a very capable timber and many manufactur­ers have succumbed to its charms. Furthermor­e, unlike rosewood and mahogany, the use of walnut is entirely non-controvers­ial from an ethical or ecological perspectiv­e.

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