With four different body styles and the price differenti­al here we’re obviously covering a lot of ground. In the G-00’s price range, and parlour or 00 body sizes in particular, you might start looking at Martin’s 00L-X2E which streets at around £625 and Faith also have parlour models available, check out the Mercury range with prices from around £400 - £700, while Eastman’s E10 00 pushes the price up to over a grand at £1,239. Of course, none of these models has the side port.

Moving up-range a little more to the dreadnough­t/jumbo region occupied by the G-45, G-Writer EC and G-200 EC there’s quite a wide breadth of choice. Companies like Yamaha (A5R ARE VN, £1,290) , Auden (check out the Colton range which has models around the £1,299 mark), Eastman (E1 D, £1,239), Faith (Legacy Mars, £1,179) all have a selection of ably competitiv­e dreadnough­ts.

Jumbo-wise Auden’s Grace (£1,364), Sigma’s GJA-SG200 (£749) and Guild’s F-40E (£1,549) all circle the area. But if the presence of a side port is a deal-breaker, your choices become all the more rarefied.

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