Pro-FX Two-Band Boost



ooking very much like it has taken its legacy from Dr Green’s ‘Booster Shot’ pedal, the Two-Band Boost offers both a treble boost and a full-band boost, each dialled in with its own knob. The idea here is that you can have one or the other separately or in combinatio­n.

The Full boost on its own starts to give an apparent volume boost upwards of one o’clock on the knob, and provides plenty to drive an amp as you turn it up. It adds a fat midrange in the process, albeit accompanie­d by a perception of a more subdued treble. The Treble Boost is actually a bit of a misnomer as the knob by itself offers no volume boost at all and little in the way of treble, although it does seem to offer a more scooped midrange. However, it does add some top-end to the Full Boost sound, so you can subtly tweak your overall boost with careful juxtaposit­ion of the knobs.

VERDICT A boost pedal that will take your sound up a level with integral tonal shading

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