Pro-FX Retro Drive



Built to provide vintage Brit-style amp drive, the Retro Drive sports the expected Gain and Output knobs but also has a Tone knob that covers a very practical range of top-end presence, which can be used to dial in a sound that best complement­s your amp.

Starting off on the lowest settings of the Gain knob, you have to set the Output to about three o’clock for unity gain so there is a little leeway beyond that to dial in a bit of kicked-in clean(ish) boost if you want. Further on, the Gain knob takes you through all shades of driven amp crunch through to the full-on raunchines­s and harmonics reminiscen­t of a vintage nonmaster volume Brit amp with its volume knob maxed. It works well with a clean amp that needs an extra driven channel to be switched in at will, but also has all the necessary ability to push an already driven amp that bit further.

VERDICT A very decent drive and price: this vintage amp flavour won’t bust your budget

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