Pro-FX Vintage Fuzz



Does the world need another two-knob pedal offering vintage fuzz? The folk at Ashdown seem to think so and, as each fuzz can have its own particular flavour, they may just be right. This one has a range that runs from light drive to full-on fuzz, with plenty of extra welly available from the Output knob to give you a boost wherever you set the Fuzz level. A Tone knob would’ve added a touch more versatilit­y, but the general voicing seems to be pitched about right, delivering a plentiful amount of top-end to cut through without being overbearin­g, plus with the right degree of low-end roll off to stop things getting muddy.

This is fuzz with a sandpapery edge to it, but there’s plenty of squidgy sustain under your fingers as you dig in to play single-note leads, and it will respond to careful use of your volume knob if you want to dial it back.

VERDICT There’s always room for one more fuzz, especially when it’s this affordable

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